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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of running our own nodes? What do I get out of this?

In general, some of the benefits of running our own node are quoted as “preserving privacy, security, reduced reliance on third-party servers, censorship resistance and improved health and decentralization of the network.”

Running a node is purely altruistic, so there are no financial rewards by running one!

Read more about it here

Can I only run Ethereum nodes with this?

Yes, NiceNode only supports Ethereum node clients.

Do I need 32 ETH to run a node?

You don’t need 32 ETH to run a node. As long as you have the hardware that fulfills the minimum requirements, you’re able to run your own full node at home!

What types of nodes do you support?

NiceNode currently supports full (snap sync mode by default) and light nodes. Archive node is planned to be supported in the future.

Read more about the different types of nodes here

See a screenshot of some other nodes NiceNode would like to support!

I don’t meet the requirements to run my own node. What can I do?

Even if you don’t meet the requirements, you might be able to run your own light node with NiceNode! However, because it is still an experimental feature, please only try it with funds you are willing to lose.

How long will it take to sync my node?

Full node may take a few days to sync, depending on your bandwidth and hardware, and a light node may take a few minutes to fully sync.

Can I use MetaMask with NiceNode light mode?

Light client mode is an experimental feature. Only use funds that you are willing to lose. Please read Geth's light client guide before using!

How can I use MetaMask with NiceNode?

First, your node must be fully synced. Second, enable MetaMask connections from NiceNode > Settings > "Enable MetaMask Connections". Third, in MetaMask > Add Network and enter "NiceNode localhost" with RPC URL "http://localhost:8545". If your node is running and fully sycned, the Chain ID and other fields will be completed by MetaMask automatically and now click Save. For official info from MetaMask, follow MetaMask's local node guide

Are there any plans to support consensus layer nodes and staking with validators?

Yes, consensus/beacon nodes are available now! However, staking with validators has not been implemented yet.

What other nodes will NiceNode support?

Layer 2 nodes and testnet nodes will be supported in future updates!

See a screenshot of some other nodes NiceNode would like to support!

How does NiceNode differ from DAppNode?

DAppNode requires users to install a new Operating System, but NiceNode works with what’s installed on your computer right now. Once you download, and run NiceNode, you’re good to go!

For other differences, please see for additional DAppNode information.

I have more questions!

Feel free to come to the NiceNode discord with your questions 🙂