Run a node at home.

the easy way.

Set up a node in no-time on every modern computer without any technical knowledge.

By running a node you become part of a global movement to decentralize a world of information.

Prevent leaking your personal data to third party nodes. Ensure access when you need it, and don't be censored. Decentralization starts with you. Voice your choice, help your peers.

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● Processor
Dual Core
Quad Core+
● Memory
● Storage
1 TB SSD (10k+ IOPS)
2 TB SSD (10k+ IOPS)
● Network
10 MBit/s with large data cap
25 MBit/s with large data cap
Individual client recommendations may vary. We provide suggestions while setting up your node.

Run a node and become part of a global revolution.

Alpha in development
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Available for
Apple Silicon and Intel


NiceNode is a community made open source project.

Feedback or contributions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to join us on discord if you need help or leave a gm.

Proudly supported in the past by the Ethereum Foundation, Gitcoin Grants, CityDAO, and EthStaker.

Frequently asked

When running a synced node you are improving the health and decentralisation of the network by storing a copy of the chain on your hard drive and seeding it to other nodes on the network. Running just a node is purely altruistic without monetary rewards. However, when pointing your wallet provider, like MetaMask, to use your own node as data provider, you can benefit by preserving your privacy and security.
Syncing a full node may take a few days, depending on your bandwidth and hardware.
NiceNode is currently focused on running Ethereum nodes but is planning and designing to support multiple networks. There is currently one supported sync type for Ethereum nodes:
  1. Full nodes with Snap Sync by default
  2. Archive nodes (on the roadmap)
No, you don’t need 32 ETH to run an Ethereum node, you can run a full node with zero ETH. The 32 ETH requirement is to be a validator in Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, also referred to as “Staking” which is currently a feature planned for the future.
No, however this is a feature we’d like to add sooner rather than later. Currently we’re focusing on making sure that running a node with NiceNode is a stable and pleasant experience before adding additional complexity.
DAppNode takes a different approach and requires users to install a new Operating System. NiceNode works with what’s installed on your computer right now. Once you download and run NiceNode you are pretty much good to go!
Nothing really, your node will stop syncing and resume once reconnected. Since NiceNode currently does not support staking there is no penalty.
We sure do! Join us on discord and let us know what networks you would like to see added first.